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April 18, 2014

Everybody thinks he's Nate Silver

Michael Medved has a guest editorial in the WSJ today. He claims -- music to ThreeSourcers -- that "The War on Women" was not successful in 2012

A closer look at the numbers reveals that Mr. Obama's success with the ladies actually stemmed from his well-known appeal to minority voters. In 2012, 72% of all women voters identified themselves as "white." This subset preferred Mitt Romney by a crushing 14-point advantage, 56% to 42%. Though Democrats ratcheted up the women's rhetoric in the run-up to Election Day, the party did poorly among the white women it sought to influence: The Republican advantage in this crucial segment of the electorate doubled to 14 points in 2012 from seven points in 2008. In the race against Mr. Romney, Obama carried the overall female vote--and with it the election--based solely on his success with the 28% of women voters who identified as nonwhite. He carried 76% of Latina women and a startling 96% of black women.

I'm not going to ask the lovely bride to bring me my slippers so we can pop the champagne corks just yet. I think Medved is abusing statistics. The differential among female voters is interesting but not conclusive. You don't have to be "Pajama Boy" to be repelled by a perception of "troglodytery;" I wince at #WaronWomen because I see its being effective among my Facebook friends -- and I could even see its working on me were I not both connected and deeply committed to other issues.

I don't wince at the stupid, over the top attack ads: just the ones that look like they'd work. But to measure efficacy only by the female vote seems short-sided.

April 17, 2014

Man of the People

#WarOnWomen update, courtesy of the WSJ Ed Page. Of course the Administration's outright lies rhetoric fires up the impressionable young ladies for the midterms (bless their pea-pickin' little hearts...) But that is not all.

Second, the Paycheck Fairness Act would reward one of the Democrats' most generous sources of ready cash: wealthy personal-injury lawyers.

Consider John Eddie Williams and his wife Sheridan, the hosts of the president's Houston fundraiser where 55 guests paid between $16,000 and $64,000 to the Democratic Senatorial and Congressional Campaign Committees. Mr. Williams got rich by suing tobacco and drug companies. The dinner was held at the couple's 26,463-square-foot mansion, complete with five full baths, seven half baths, five fireplaces and an elevator. It is carried on the tax rolls at $17.1 million.

The same day as his Houston fundraiser, Mr. Obama also attended a roundtable with 25 donors at the mansion of Steve and Amber Mostyn. Mr. Mostyn is president of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association and made $150 million from lawsuits over hurricane insurance. He vows to spend $10 million this year to help Mr. Obama's national campaign field director, Jeremy Bird, to "turn Texas blue," changing the Lone Star State from reliably Republican to comfortably Democratic, starting with this fall's gubernatorial election.

The days of female tort lawyers making $77 Million for every $100 Million of their male counterparts is soon to be tossed into the ashbin of history!

UPDATE: This is from a guest editorial by Karl Rove.

But johngalt thinks:

Someone should sue.

Posted by: johngalt at April 18, 2014 11:43 AM



That's How Strong My Love Is

Roosevelt Jamison ©1964

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April 16, 2014

Quote of the Day

"We have this congenital disease, which is in midterm elections we don't vote at the same rates," President Obama said at a Houston fundraiser the other day. He means that the Obama Democrats are now what they call the "coalition of the ascendant," made up of minorities, young people, single women and affluent, college-educated cultural liberals. The problem is that this year they may be a coalition of the disappointed, so Democrats are trying to scare them to the polls with pseudo-controversies. -- WSJ Ed Page

April 15, 2014

Quote of the Day

The comparison is especially apt because Illinois Democrats are doubling down on their strategy in this election year. Governor Pat Quinn has announced plans to make permanent the "temporary" tax hikes that were supposed to sunset at the end of this year. -- WSJ Ed Page What's the Matter with Illinois?
I just don't understand. It was a temporary tax hike. Now they want to make it permanent? Man, if only somebody might've seen that coming...

In Case Y'all Don't Have Facebook Friends:

Be a part of it! Spread the Word! #globalloveday

But johngalt thinks:

Yeah, that's why we call each other names, cuz "we are one."

Posted by: johngalt at April 15, 2014 3:12 PM

April 13, 2014

And we're back!

What the ????

Our server has been moved and the (normally superb) hosting company did not install our database driver.

So posters cannot post, commenters cannot comment -- though fish can still swim and birds, apparently still fly.

A ticket is in and it should be fixed soon.

I thought everybody just quit after my Sen. Harry Reid Limerick...

And, if you're Jonesing for reading matter, Download Glenn Reynolds's The Second Amendment as Ordinary Constitutional Law.

UPDATE: And we're back -- thanks to lunarpages.com. Very good hosting.

Posted by John Kranz at 4:36 PM | What do you think? [1 comments]
But johngalt thinks:

I very much enjoyed the limerick. Alas, we have no "Like" button.

Posted by: johngalt at April 13, 2014 10:54 PM

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